Ongoing Recovery Support

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Treatment does not end when you leave Awakenings Hill Country. Our team is dedicated to a thorough process that binds the processes learned in treatment into the everyday live of women returning from our facility. The treatment structure is rooted in showing women recovery strategies, understanding issues surrounding relapse, and committing to local AA/NA communities. Some woman are ready to return to life outside of treatment, many need extended treatment options.

Studies show women can increase the likelihood of prolonged sobriety by not immediately returning to their normal lives. Longer stays in treatment, such as three, six, or 12 months, increases the likelihood that substance abuse will not return. The reinforcement of recovery techniques in the rehab environment is statistically linked to increased success. After the first phase of treatment, some women are encouraged to continue sessions at our facilities 3 to 5 nights every week.

The steps recovery are continued to be company by our professional staff and a mentor/sponsor was overcome addiction. The women in our care are encouraged to seek out group recovery meetings that cater to their addiction.  Work contribute to the community is also advised in the recovery process.

These steps are linked over and over again to lasting recovery and a more fulfilled life for women conquering addiction.

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