Nutrition for Women

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Women often look to take care themselves last. This is only compounded by the devastating weight of substance abuse on a woman’s body. Addiction is often associated with malnourishment. The concerns of the body are put aside for the temporary highs of drug and alcohol use. The empty calories provided by alcohol do not give a woman’s body what it needs to and survive, much less thrive.

The body can be so run down by chronic drug and alcohol use that essential bodily functions become difficult. Constipation, indigestion, and loose stool become a daily part of an attic’s existence. Some addicted to drugs and alcohol are so focused on their next high that they do not eat.

Drugs and alcohol are foreign substances to your body, when they interact with your internal organs, they prevent the body from adequately absorbing food and water normally. Your immune system does not have the ability to fight disease and illness properly.

If you are currently struggling with addiction, you may not notice some of the outward physical effects on your body. Dramatic weight loss and liver damage can change the way your skin looks and feels. At Awakenings Hill Country, the process of recovery will also include nutritional health.

Every day, you will be supplied fresh, home-cooked meals designed to enhance and rebuild your body. Our chef and kitchen staff are a critical part of our team. Your body and mind cannot adequately fight for sobriety without being supplied proper nutrients. Further, we are excited to provide you meals with your dietary needs in mind. Your body needs proper fuel every day. We know is possible it is been years since you’ve had a well-rounded diet support your life. We can guarantee you will not need to worry about this fighting for a better life through sobriety. To find out more, please give us a call right now.

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