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Every person deals with a set of circumstances that deletes a substance abuse. To combat those circumstances, a comprehensive treatment program must be in place to fight that complicated addiction in every woman. At Awakenings Hill Country,  we will offer every woman a thorough and individualized plan to treat the whole mind, body, and spirit. All parts of treatment coincide with the best opportunities for recovery. By embracing treatment in both individual and group settings, we believe lasting recovery can be achieved.

Life Management

Everyday, our clients are presented with informational meetings and lectures designed to cover a wide range of topics.  Learning to embrace professional, social, and individual emotional challenges are critical to embracing treatment, not our addictions. We endeavor to show women new skills to face life effectively and without past fears.

Stress Control

Stress is often the over-arching emotion determines our daily lives and actions. For those dealing with addiction, alcohol, drugs, and other substances provide the first stress. Understanding how to control stress is key to any addiction recovery. We help our clients learn how to deal with the stress effective tools for everyday life. From breathing techniques to intensive cognitive changes, we believe you, or the woman your life, can overcome this addiction mechanism

Relapse Prevention

The fear of relapse is often one of the reasons many people do not seek treatment.  We offer treatment to women who both experience relapse, and those who are not yet conquered addiction for the first time. Understanding the possibilities of relapse are essential to sustain sobriety. Our dedicated staff will show every woman the signs that lead to a complicated path towards relapse. Overcoming your past mental blocks and accepting the changes you can make are challenging steps that we share with our clients to fight the return of addiction. Read more.

High Risk Behaviors

Addiction is not only about the drug or the drink. Often, the place ourselves in overwhelming situations that can be addictive. Process addictions are usually centered around high risk behaviors that fulfill other and extreme needs.  Gambling, shopping, eating, high risk sexual encounters, and other similar methods of escape are common. Because of our small size, we were able to focus on each client to find how these high risk behaviors infiltrate their lives. We look forward to address additional issues in treatment so you can focus on a lasting recovery at home.

Nutrition and Fitness

The toll of addiction not only ravage the mind, but destroy the body. Many enter treatment with symptoms of malnourishment, or physical exhaustion and significant obesity. After the detox process (if prescribed), we can focus on restoring physical health through balanced meals and scheduled physical fitness. Maintaining a healthy physique can be a critical part to a lasting recovery. Returning to healthy patterns of sleep, emotion, and health allow the mind to fight addiction fully.


For many of us, codependency has become the only method of survival. At Awakenings Hill Country,  we help every woman discover that codependency, and how that has led and can lead to addictive behaviors. Most substance abuse addictions are symptomatic of other issues. To maintain continued sobriety, we help women confronts these challenges.


Addiction can damage every relationship in a woman’s life. It can also be the most significant relationship a woman has ever had. Our staff will help you understand which relationships need to be maintained, and which ones might be reading to pain and suffering. Addiction recovery can get every woman to embrace love on the other side of guilt and blame. We will offer couples and family sessions to facilitate these healing moments.

Womens’ Issues

One of the leading principles at our facility is that women can embrace the challenge of addiction in a unique way. Although the culture in our communities often strangles us with guilt of failing body images and relationships, we believe women have the right to be accepted as we are. We strive to create a safe place for women to explore every aspect of their mind, body, and sexuality in order to develop successful relationships throughout sobriety.


Everyone addresses spirituality in their own unique way. We provide the opportunity to embrace a higher power, society, and family in the recovery and continued sobriety process.

Cross Addiction

Addiction is a disease. It constantly attacks the body, the mind, and the spirit each woman. As part of this addiction, the substance is only a symptom of this disease. Addiction can attack the physical, spiritual, and emotional components of the woman altering the ability to properly respond. Our team will work with you to promote the elimination of all mood altering substances that can feed into addiction. We also work to find balance in food, relationships, sex, work, and life to better fight for a prolonged and permanent recovery.

Trauma, Grief, and PTSD Therapy

Addiction is a traumatic event in the life of every woman dealing with substance abuse. Along with the other events that might be contributing to the addiction, the mind and body are often often overwhelms and cannot handle life happening around it. Be it physical abuse, violence from combat, or the loss of loved ones, the pain can seemingly be temporarily removed by addictive substances. The technology of this trauma to be dealt with through proven techniques used by our staff. We look forward to helping every woman learn from the past, and accept the hope of the present.

Creative Expression

We encourage every woman to embrace creativity throughout the recovery. Art, music, poetry, and other endeavors can be essential in finding inner strength and peace for the prolonged discovery of sobriety.

Positive Thought Patterns

Drugs and alcohol can change our minds into patterns that must be reclaimed. These thoughts can lead to feelings reminding us of emotions that were only met by substances in the past. We look forward to introducing you to new thought processes that move you away from automatically reaching for drugs or alcohol to alleviate emotions created in the past. Finding these connections to stress, health and fitness, and other addiction recovery processes can lead to a better hope for recovery.

Nutrition for Women

Women live in a world where often they take care of themselves last. We look forward to putting you first. Your improved and continued health are essential to changing the difficult addictions in your life. Our chef and kitchen staff prepared well-balanced and delicious meals to facilitate your recovery. Read More. 

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