Faith-based Program

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Alcohol and drug addiction can disrupt the most valuable aspects of any woman’s life. Many of us consider our faith a priority. The disruption and pain drug and alcohol abuse can cause can rip the security of faith away from you. At Awakenings Hill Country, we believe a total recovery from substance abuse cannot be reached without a reconciliation of faith.

The facts are clear.

  • Although addiction can and will find its way into every home, people who attend church at least once a week are far less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Those who include a faith-based approach in their recovery from drug or alcohol were more likely to find continued sobriety in their lives.
  • People who find sobriety are more likely to report higher levels of spiritual commitment than those who relapse.

Faith and religion are often communicated in different ways. Our team will work with you to reclaim your relationship with God while capturing sobriety. We welcome the study of Scripture in association with all of our counseling techniques. Further, the tenants of the 12 step program are based on biblical principles.


You can be assured your faith will not be a hindrance at Awakenings Hill Country. Discussions of religious beliefs are welcome in both individual and group counseling sessions. We believe your relationship with God is a critical tool in the recovery process. We will offer you every resource we can to help you understand your faith in association with recovery.

As we provide you with a roadmap to recovery, we will include principles of faith to guide you every day in recovery. Our team is eager to start this journey with you. We will accept you as you are. Through faith, we believe every woman can find peace and health. Please call us today to start the road to sobriety.

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