Dual Diagnosis Program

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Drug or alcohol addiction are often associated with other psychological or mental disorders. This is called a dual diagnosis. While receiving treatment for substance abuse, additional psychological and behavioral disorders will be treated the same time. In order to overcome drug or alcohol abuse in women, the existing behavioral conditions must be addressed as well. Those women dealing with a dual diagnosis can take comfort in knowing recovery is possible. The chances of recovery are greater when both the substance addiction and the mental health issue are treated.

The benefits of treating both issues are plentiful. Seeking treatment at Awakening Hill Country can allow you to focus on recovery in a confidential, private place. This will allow you to fully embrace both illnesses to find a lasting recovery. Further, you will be working with professionals who understand how the brain interacts with substance abuse and mental illness. This will give every woman a specialized treatment plan designed with particulars of her life and illness in mind.

Our staff is conversant in the latest strategies for integrated dual diagnosis treatments. You can rest assured knowing you, or the woman you love, is working towards sobriety and a better life every day at our Fredericksburg headquarters. Medical professionals will observe and prescribed the appropriate medication where needed. Both substance abuse and mental illness are complicated diseases. We will work until the best treatment is discovered, and applied to bring an exceptional life in recovery to every woman we work with.

Do you want to know more about dual diagnosis treatment at Awakenings Hill Country? We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to discuss how to bring the best in treatment and rehabilitation to women. You can be certain that we offer the safest possible environment to find sobriety and recovery. Please call us today.

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