Prescription Painkillers

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Addiction to prescription painkillers and other prescription drugs is a serious problem for women across the country. For the most part, prescription drugs have an important and legitimate use to treat illness. However, research showing some prescription drugs are as addictive, or more addictive, then illegal, illicit drugs. The beginning uses of these drugs are often associated with the treatment of legitimate illnesses. Without proper care, however, these drugs can lead to significant and crippling abuse.

Three types of drugs are often associated with prescription painkiller addiction.

  •  Stimulants
  •  Opiates
  •  Benzodiazepines

Stimulants are often associated with ADD or ADHD. Comments prescription names include Ritalin, Adderall, and others used to treat these conditions. Many students, and those in high-pressure jobs, abuse these drugs in order to maintain a high level of productivity. Despite these benefits, misuse can often lead to uncontrollable emotional swings and addiction.

Opiates are often the most recognized prescription drugs associated with addiction. These painkillers are often administered legally to treat severe pain in the wake of surgeries or chronic illnesses. Morphine, OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and other associated drugs, are often used past the point of relieving pain, and used to fulfill emotional and psychological concerns. During these addictions, detoxification is sometimes required to best treat the abuse.

Benzodiazepines are often prescribed to treat seizures, insomnia, anxiety, and grief. Common prescription names associated with addictive behavior when overused include Xanax, Valium, and Clonopin. The more the drugs are used, the more addictive they can be. The abuse of these drugs can create a psychological, and physical, addiction that can to produce grave harm to the abuser.

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