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Methamphetamine abuse is a critical problem as an addictive substance for women. The chemical makeup of the substance lends itself to highly addictive characteristics. While often used in concert with other abuse substances, meth abuse is also common as a sole addictive substance. While it often targets younger demographics, the addictive power of methamphetamines can strike anyone.

Working-class individuals have often been seen to use methamphetamines as a method of obtaining energy for longer shifts. Some women have been seen to use it as a weight loss method. Its price, being less than other substances, can make it attractive to almost anyone looking for a quick fix. After the first, and subsequent uses of methamphetamines, users display symptoms of dizziness, loss of appetite, impaired speech, acne, sores, tooth grinding, and pupil dilation. Other than the superficial symptoms, long-term side effects of methamphetamine addiction can lead to liver damage, brain damage, lung disorders, blood clots, and chronic kidney disorders.

The dangers of meth can manifest extremely quickly. A methamphetamine overdose can happen with as little as 50 mg ingested by the user without a built-up tolerance. The quality and purity of these drugs cannot be relied on duty to the home-made nature of the production and much of the United States. Further, the success of shows such as “Breaking Bad” have brought about popularity for this very dangerous, deadly drug.

Finding treatment for methamphetamine addiction must be a priority for its users, and the family of those abusing this drug. The level of addiction is extreme in most cases. Often, Meth users will give up their entire life in order to continue their addiction. Awakenings Hill Country is dedicated to the prospect of defeating meth addiction for you, or the woman you love.

We can help you navigate the process of detoxification and mental recovery from the power of these addictions. Our dedicated staff is committed to the idea of helping every woman defeat the methamphetamine addiction that has taken away their lives. We’re standing by today, please call or get in touch immediately.

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