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Cocaine has a history associated with a glamorous lifestyle in the party scene. This extremely addictive stimulant created from the cocoa plant is largely grown in Central and South America. Since the end of the 19th century, cocaine was used medically as a form of anesthesia. Although some medical properties are productive for society, the impact of cocaine abuse on women has been devastating.

Cocaine targets the central nervous system. The effects can range from overstimulation, through appetite suppression, and then lead to a numbing affect. Due to its highly addictive nature, it has been outlawed in most parts of the world for recreational use.

Are you concerned about a woman in your life possibly using cocaine? Perhaps you’ve seen the white powder that is most popular for its ingestion through the nasal cavity, or injected intravenously. There’s also the raw, rock form that can be smoked. Both are dangerous, and must be immediately addressed in order to prevent dangerous addictions. Simple possession of cocaine often carries a mandatory jail sentence or substantial fines.

The short-term rewards of cocaine use can leave any woman feeling a unique “high.” It often can reduce the need for sleep or food. Very quickly, this drug abuse can also lead to erratic behavior that is unlike the normal personality of its users. When the high begins to fade, severe depression and agitation can be observed.

Long-term use of cocaine is often associated with nosebleeds, nasal irritation, and issues with the esophagus. Further, abnormal weight loss associated with malnourishment can be connected to a cocaine addiction. While no drugs are currently regulated for the treatment of cocaine use, help is available.

Our dedicated staff has the experience you, or the woman you love, needs to overcome cocaine addiction. Drug abuse in Texas is overwhelming for the family and friends of cocaine addicts. The Awakenings Hill Country team is ready to change your life today.

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