Alcohol Recovery Program

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Alcohol treatment at Awakenings Hill Country is a multifaceted approach designed to cater to the individual woman. Along with the complete program of addiction services we offer, specific techniques for alcohol addiction can be applied where needed to bring about the best chance at lifelong sobriety. Almost 3/4 of 1 million people in America are treated for alcoholism every day in the United States. We want you, or the woman in your life, to have the best treatment for alcohol abuse possible.

12-step and 12-step Alternatives to Alcoholism in Women

The traditional 12 step program is a part of the program we offer. If that approach is not proper for the patient, other programs can be utilized. The past two decades have seen dramatic changes in the treatment industry to answer new research on alcoholism. Our programs help everyone understand the connection between alcohol impact on the brain and related behaviors. Where necessary, medication can be prescribed to correspond with multiple behavioral therapies to target alcohol’s effect on a woman.

Group Treatment

The continued success of group accountability for alcohol treatment is unquestioned. At Awakenings Hill Country, we offer every member of our community the opportunity to contribute, and help in understanding the benefits of group therapy. The anonymous and private setting of these groups allows realistic sharing environments to address the psychological components of alcoholism on a long-term basis. In concert with medical and individual psychological sessions, being part of a support group to share the ongoing aspects of recovery is a necessary, and has proven successful.  We strive to give every woman to complete array of tools to fight alcoholism in their lives.

Alcohol Treatment Recovery Home for Women

Solutions can be found for Alcoholism at Awakenings Hill Country

We know every situation is different. The relationship between every alcoholic and their disease deserves a specialized approach. From psychological, to medical, to group therapies, you can be confident in knowing our experienced and dedicated staff can guide you towards a life in sobriety. Please begin the fight against alcoholism in your life today. Get in touch now!

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