Recovery Programs

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Every woman’s addiction requires an individualized medical and treatment response. We limit the size of our facility in order to be able to offer the best in specialized care the Texas Hill Country can offer. Our commitment is to the best recovery programs, rehab, and addiction treatment for women.

Recovery Programs for women

Detoxification Recovery Programs

Many women will require supervised detox to begin their treatment process. During this process, our qualified and licensed staff to monitor each woman to build the best program for them as soon as they are physically and psychologically ready for the rigors of treatment. From alcohol detox to prescription drug or other substances, we stand ready to begin the process.

Alcohol/Drug Assessment & Evaluation (ASAM)

Our facility will always maintain a small size in order to have the ideal ratio between our staff and our clients. This gives us the opportunity to properly assess the total history of each woman’s addiction. This provides our staff best plan possible to treat each woman with scientifically proven methods and treatments.

On-site Physician Consultation and Monitoring

Addiction leaves the body in a weakened state that requires professional medical attention. At Awakenings Hill Country, a licensed physician will provide treatment to stabilize every patient. Given our small size, we know we can give every woman individualize care needed to promote a healthy body and healthy recovery.

24/7 Supervised Care

Every hour of the day, our facility is staffed with highly trained medical treatment professionals. As treatment begins, this is essential to those women who are fighting physical and mental issues associated with the beginning steps of recovery.

12 Step Meetings

The 12-step program is known worldwide for its contribution to helping millions overcome perils of addiction. Through these recovery programs, women are given the tools to confront their addiction and accept their past with the pillars of honesty, integrity, faith, hope, willingness, perseverance, and community. The stability of these daily 12 step meetings provide a foundation for recovery that can follow every woman through the rest of their lives.

Family Program

Substance abuse is rarely an individual disease. Families are inevitably affected by the perils of drugs and alcohol. Our expert staff will help those suffering from addiction, and the entire family, come to understand substance abuse and the damage it can cause.  This knowledge allows every family the tools to recover and thrive for years to come

Ongoing Recovery Support

The initial treatment process is sometimes not sufficient for all women. Awakenings Hill Country is proud to offer continuing treatment programs that allow women more time in specialized environments to improve the chance of continued sobriety at home.  This can include intensive outpatient options, extended stays in our facilities, or transitional environments suited to the individual needs of the woman.

Fitness Facilities

Exercise and fitness can be can be valuable to returning a woman to a physical and mental state conducive to lasting sobriety. After drug and alcohol addiction, the body needs every mechanism necessary to recover fully. Researchers have shown exercise can repair many of the deficiencies substance abuse leaves behind.

In addition to physical fitness facilities, we offer a professional yoga instructor as part of the recovery programs. Yoga can be a fantastic tool to repair the mind and body of a woman recovering from addiction.

Yoga for our Recovery programs

Group and Individual Counseling

In addition to individualized, one on one, counseling sessions, we believe women are best served by sharing with other women the battle of addiction. Through this process, each patient can see they are not alone in their experiences and pain. Through the process of group sharing, accountability and strength is added to the building blocks of individualized counseling.

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