Insurance Coverage for Women

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Awakenings Hill Country is committed to offering the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation to every woman. Often, we can provide assistance through your existing insurance coverage. When you give us a call, we can walk you through the level of assistance we can provide. We know this is a critical point in your life, or the life of the woman you love.

Rehab for women in Texas

Why should you call?

  • This call could save your life.
  • The call is toll-free.
  • You are not committing to anything.
  • The call is completely confidential.

We know that every cent is important to you and your family. We also know that getting help for the woman you love should never be contingent on a dollar amount. We will fight for you to get the most out of your insurance. We are experienced in dealing with all of the major insurance companies. We cannot guarantee a specific level of coverage, but we will give you the facts. The insurance companies will fight to limit your coverage. This is how they make their money. No matter what, you can count on a fair assessment from our dedicated staff.

Call for Help

When calling, please have as much of this information available in order to get the quickest response:

  • Contact details for the person needing treatment
  • Contact information for the person who is the primary covered individual
  • Name of the insurance company
  • Group number for insurance
  • Member number for insurance

Often, within a couple of hours, we will have a complete package to present to you or your loved one. No matter the circumstance, you will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity during a painful chapter of your life. We know the decision to reach out for help is never taken lightly, and we do our best to bring you the comfort and respect you deserve. We will give you every option possible for getting the help you need today.  Do not wait. Please call us today!

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