Alcohol Treatment for Women in Texas

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Alcohol addiction in Texas does not conform to a male stereotype. Women dealing with alcohol abuse in Texas deserve the best specialized treatment to treat their disease. Alcoholism can affect women in very different ways from their male counterparts. Many alcohol and drug treatment centers do not take into account the specific needs of women when prescribing a plan of action to defeat alcoholism. Awakenings Hill Country provides Alcohol Treatment for Women in Texas with specialized treatment plans. The needs of the mind and body are taken into account. We strive to be the place to find the best alcohol rehab in Texas for women.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, women face very specific risks due to the effects of alcohol abuse. By having only one drink on an empty stomach, many women are legally impaired according to Texas law. DUIs for women in Texas can destroy professional and personal lives in the blink of an eye. Without proper treatment and care, alcoholism can permanently impair the future for women in Texas.

The precious role women provide in childbirth also contributes to the specialized need for treatment and women. Fetal alcohol syndrome is by far the most preventable cause of infant, and adult, mental impairment. It is completely preventable. If you, or the woman in your life, are considering a family, you must address chronic alcoholism before starting a family. Awakenings Hill Country and our Alcohol Treatment for Women can put you on a stable platform to start a healthy family after overcoming serious alcohol abuse.

Believe it or not, age, race and socioeconomic background are predictors of the type of substance abuse a women will experience.  At Awakenings Hill Country, we believe every woman dealing with alcoholism should be treated with every aspect of their life considered. Our Texas rehab facility is waiting for you to begin a new journey towards your most fulfilled itself.  Please call today!

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