Recovery for Women

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Substance abuse and addiction does not effect the lives of men and women in the same way.  As in much of Western medicine and culture, the symptoms and treatment of many diseases were primarily focused on the male gender.  These stereotypes persist for far too long in all elements of our society, including addiction treatment. Thankfully, much has changed. Awakenings Hill Country is devoted to the idea that women deserve specialized treatment to overcome drug and alcohol addictions in their lives.

Gender specific addiction treatment has shown significantly more potential for substance abuse recovery in women. Gender differences must be embraced to combat addiction because neurological differences between men and women contribute to different outlooks in the recovery process. However, women do not only exhibit biological differences from men, they also experience other roles in society, and these must be taken into account when treating chemical dependency. Women are mothers, sisters, daughters, women participate in child care, and do better in tight-knit group settings. Women know the value of walking a journey together.

Less than 4 in 10 addiction treatment centers in the United States claim to offer rehabilitation specifically designed for women. When you are fighting to find sobriety, there is no need to compromise on your treatment. Our women only approach in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas can bring you, or the woman you love, closer to the life you always imagine. The best medical and addiction experts are standing by to begin the journey with you today.

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