Residential Treatment Programs

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Our 30, 60, and 90 Day Rehab and Residential Treatment Programs

Part 1: 30 Day Residential Treatment Program

The first 30 days of our residential treatment programs begins with detox strategies designed to facilitate the start of new psychological and educational thought processes required for specialized treatment for women. Many women will require supervised detox to start their treatment process. During this process, our qualified and licensed staff will monitor each woman and build the best program for their recovery, as soon as they are physically and psychologically ready for the rigors of treatment. From alcohol detox to prescription drug or other substances, we stand ready to begin the process. Once the medical stability of the client is confirmed, the education process will begin.

Clients are shown the facts and developing theories around the disease. The subjects are taught in relation to the causes and continued issues surrounding substance abuse. These teachings are reinforced by private sessions with the assigned counselor in order to tailor the best program for every woman. The mental healing is accompanied by a focus on healing the body as well. Exercise programs and yoga are presented and encouraged to the recovery of every patient without healing the body, the mind cannot fully recover from the rigors of substance abuse.

Alcoholism and drug addiction affects the entire family, the women who come to Awakenings Hill Country are encouraged to include their loved ones in the process of healing from the disease. Our Family Program, designed by addiction specialist Ann Martin, includes the entire family unit in the process of overcoming substance abuse. Every family member deserves a chance at education and recovery from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, through our family program, an adequate presentation of how the disease effects the entire family will be presented and healing will begin.

Part one of the program also introduces our clients to the principles of 12 step programs.  These traditional components of the residential treatment programs, including the Big Book of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, can be essential to the recovery of many women facing addiction.

Small and safe Residential treatment programs in Texas for Women

Part 2: 60 Day Residential Treatment Program

The next 30 days following part one of the residential treatment program focuses in depth on the personal issues and relationships of every woman dealing with addiction. The self-image, guilt, grief, and shame of everyone in treatment can be detrimental to the ongoing recovery process from substance abuse. Overcoming these elements is essential for every woman fighting chemical dependency.

The clients in our Fredericksburg, Texas facility have the opportunity to take part in a special five-day intensive course designed by addiction specialist Ann Martin entitled the “Recovery Enrichment Program.”  Throughout these five days, each client is presented tools to understand what survival mechanisms they have employed that have led to self-destructive behaviors associated with addiction. By finding these elements, each client, along with our counselors and therapists, will develop strategies to overcome these behaviors. Through this understanding, women can determine the beginnings of “dry relapses” and prevent further relapses that include substance abuse.

The women who are clients at our facility will craft a personalized, written action plan for change in part two of the residential treatment program. This action plan will focus on relapse prevention, the triggers for relapse in every woman, and specialized tools to encourage a lasting recovery from addiction. Codependency and relationship examinations will be discussed in order to place clients in the best position to grow and find a life free of alcohol and drugs. Steps four and five of the traditional 12 step program are also completed during this time.

Part 3: 90 Day Residential Treatment Program

The last 30 days of our program designed specifically for women will focus on refining relapse prevention and family relationships. Family issues, if left unresolved, can manifest in continued disruptive communication and patterns associated with further relapse. The process of overcoming substance abuse for women can only successfully continue with an understanding of how memories of the past, and relationships, are a part of every decision that is made going forward. The positive and negative impacts of childhood and adult relationships contribute to decisions we make every day. The leftover issues or resentments need to be confronted to move successfully forward.

Our couples program,  designed by Ann Martin, will be presented to all of our clients. Relapse often is connected with relational issues for women. Without understanding the power of relationships in our lives, and the necessary tools to cope, proper and healthy relationships cannot form. We believe women facing addiction have the strength to move on from the destructive patterns in their life and find a lasting joy beyond drugs and alcohol.

The final specialized rehab prevention plan will be developed during the final part of our residential treatment programs. Each woman will leave with a written plan ready to implement as they leave substance abuse rehab. Steps six through nine of the traditional 12 steps program will be completed during this time. Further, we help everyone identify a local program and sponsor to connect with at home in order to continue the ongoing process of recovery. This connection at home is critical for lifetime of recovery after finding sobriety in our drug and alcohol treatment for women.

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