Family Program

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The Awakenings Hill Country team believes the pain associated with substance abuse does not stop with the woman suffering from addiction. The entire family suffers. The family has learned to live with addiction. This often leads to detrimental feelings of loss, pain, anger, and fear. Our family program is crafted to bring understanding and healing to some of the most difficult family moments. We strive to make sure every member of the family has the tools to productively cope with the punishment felt by loving someone dealing with drug & alcohol abuse. Our sincere belief is the family needs to contribute, and needs to find recovery as well.

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Awakenings Hill Country’s family program is fixed around three components.

  • The family is educated about the science of addiction, relapse and sobriety, and the recovery of the family.
  • A presentation by a substance abuse professional of the biological aspects of addiction.
  • Family members and patients share with each other what they have learned and how the addiction effected their lives

Though this, we hope to give your family the best way to move forward and grow. The schedule for the program will be released soon. Please visit or call to find out more.

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