Relapse Prevention

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After the detox process and initial sobriety, every woman must understand their triggers for relapse. At Awakenings Hill Country, our experienced team will work with you to identify the elements of addiction that can draw you back to drug and alcohol use. Inevitably, each woman recovers from substance abuse will encounter a high risk situation. The tools to combat this risk are critical in maintaining sobriety.

Every time a high risk situation is encountered by someone who has found sobriety, two options are available. There are effective coping responses, and ineffective coping responses. If you’re not able to effectively cope, you can begin to make excuses for possible positive outcomes of substance abuse. This can lead to a relapse of substance use. Inevitably, the guilt of this relapse can affect your confidence to maintain sobriety. This lack of confidence can lead to an increased probability of relapse.

The process is downhill, and it can happen quickly. Our team will strive to give you many tools to prevent relapse. We will help you identify the relationships and situations in your life that led to the destructive behaviors of addiction. Through these understandings, you will be more readily capable to remove yourself from dangerous situations. Further, when presented with a dangerous situation, the tools you learn can be the difference between continued recovery and relapse.

Every woman’s road to recovery is different. Every road will encounter obstacles. We know the strength to overcome drug or alcohol abuse is within you. Even considering rehab or treatment proves that you have the desire for change. You can count on the Awakening Hill Country team to discover the best relapse prevention tools for you, or the woman you love. Please, make the choice to find sobriety today. We will join you today, and give you the tools to fight addiction for the rest of your life.

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